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    Default Don't let the cats out!

    I had an inspection where the only instructions from the listing agent were "The seller won't be at the inspection so don't let any of the owners cats out, they're all indoor cats". So off to the inspection I go. Wouldn't you know it...I was greeted at the property by my clients and no less than 16 family members and no agents. Oh well I am a professional and I have had larger families show for an inspection.

    I did my usual meet and greet and informed them that the seller was not home and the doors must be kept closed at times as not to let the cats out. As I opened the storm door I was blinded by that oh so familiar overpowering odor of cat pee. I now have the door open and am instantly greeted by what seemed to be 40 kitty cats of all shapes and sizes. The 6 adults and 10 children that came to the inspection found the petting zoo quite adorable.

    4 hours later, after completing this impossible inspection and diligently policing the now 12 children all with over productive mucous glands, I was confident that no felines escaped. I presented my findings, took the check, said my good byes and feverishly tried to wash myself clean before I left to my next inspection.

    Upon exiting I found my ankles being gently molested by a little gray kitty on the stoop. I was a little irritated that one slipped past the goalie and hoped it was only one. In he went and off I go.

    After a long day of sneezing uncontrollably, since I am allergic to the little farts, I finally made it home to shower and relax.

    Ring...Ring...It's the owner of the pussy cat house. After a bit of chewing out from the owner all was forgiven after I explained the situation and what happened. You see the little gray kitty was not hers and the 62 cats she did have in the home were not very thrilled with their new bunk mate. When the owner arrived home later that day she was horrified to see that her house had been ran sacked and her cats had this poor little one trapped atop the the refrigerator. The little gray kitty was her only outdoor cat that she failed to relay that to her agent. He was her only outside cat because none of the other cats like him.

    After years of chasing dogs, cats, ferrets, birds and the occasional child through neighborhoods and down streets and being bit by all of the same I now require that all pets and children be caged or removed from the property.

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    Default Re: Don't let the cats out!

    Richard, that is priceless.

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    Default Re: Don't let the cats out!

    Kids don't need to be caged. Some can just be placed or hidden in the cabinets.


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    Default Re: Don't let the cats out!

    A couple of months ago I had and inspection where I showed up and the place had been trashed. I assumed that a dog was responsible since the sofa was torn to shreds and what I thought were claw marks were all over the place. Of course, no one was home so I immediately shut the door and called the listing agent advising the dog had ransacked the place and I didn't want to be blamed for it. She replied... They don't have any pets. Come to find out a fairly large cat had somehow gotten inside and could not figure out how to get out. Tore the place to pieces. It was a million dollar home in Frisco so you can only imagine the damage caused. Any, guess who the listing agent told their client must have let the cat in...


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