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    Default sump pit ,no sump motor

    Inspected a hud house today , it was a split foyer with a sump pit and no pump or associated piping coming from pit, house is 2 years old and does not appear that sump pit was ever put in service even throught it had about a 8 inches of water in sump, basement was dry with no indications that sump pit has ever run over. thanks for any info.

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    Default Re: sump pit ,no sump motor

    Dan, my recommendation in situations like this is to have a sump pump and discharge line installed. The pit was put in place for a reason. Standing water in the pit indicates potential for ground water building up and overflowing the pit into the basement.

    I'll never understand the builder's mindset to not spring for a couple extra hundred bucks and just install a pump. There's no sense in wating for a deluge of a storm to make the pit overflow and then have the homeowner decide "I guess we need a pump". Put it in from the get-go and avoid potential flood issues.


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