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    Default The inspection was off today

    Got a call last night about my inspection for today.

    High Ted. That inspection you were going to do tomorrow is off! Why is that Bob? Well, you know that lighting storm we just had? Yes. Well the only thing still standing is the brick

    That would be the first for that excuse (real one) and the wildest excuse I ever had. I was just curious about calls you folks may have gotten for an inspection cancellation.

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    Default Re: The inspection was off today

    I just had a caller this morniong (the wife) call and schedule the inspection. She called back 5 minutes later asking if I was licensed. I told her no I was not and neither is any HI in Pennsylvania because we do not have HI licensing. PA only has an HI Law which I told her I am compliant with and I e-mailed a copy of my compliance statement to her as proof. She then called back to cancel (this all took place in 1/2 hour) because her husband didn't like the sound of the no license thing. She said they would check around and if they find out there is no license for PA inspectors, they would call me back. I told her she will find out that what I said is true but she shouldn't bother calling me back, go find somebody else.

    The last thing I need is somebody who isn't even a client yet questioning me on my compliance and then about a license that doesn't even exist in our state.


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