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    Default What protective gear do you wear?

    As I approach 10 years of doing this and realize I'm likely to be doing it for another 10 (haven't won the lottery yet or been run over by a well insured Mercedes driving agent), I'm starting to wonder about long term effects of this work.

    I always wear a breathing mask in crawl spaces and 90% of the time in attics of pre-1980's houses due to asbestos. Lately, I've really been feeling the effects of insulation and other junk falling in my eyes while in crawl spaces and attics. I'm lucky to not need corrective glasses/lenses and have never worn any type of eye protection while inspecting. I'm starting to think I should have in the past and will in the future.

    I have a wide assortment of safety glasses that I wear while sawing, drilling, pressure washing, etc. at home but they don't seal around my eyes so I've never thought about using them for inspecting.

    Does anyone have a good recommendation for a somewhat economical pair of sleek goggles or other eye protection. And it's not that I mind spending a few bucks but I just know I'll lose or break them frequently and will be less likely to replace them if it's big bucks.

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    Default Re: What protective gear do you wear?

    I don't see a need for them to be ANSI rated if all you want to do is keep general dust and insulation out of your eyes. Any reservations to wearing a pair of swimming goggles? I don't imagine they're too expensive and they're designed for the seal I think you're looking for.

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    Default Re: What protective gear do you wear?

    Hey Matt You could get a young helper to do the sub-areas and the attics. Then you could just do one more inspection a day...

    I have always like to teach young guys how to inspect... kind of like passing on to another a way to feed his family and keep a roof over his head...

    When i think about doing this for the next 10 years... Nay... I'm 53 now and on my last wave of going under homes...

    Time to live above ground...



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    Default Re: What protective gear do you wear?

    I would advise to make sure you get a pair of safety glasses that is vented (on the side). In hot environments non-vented glasses become pretty uncomfortable. The better ones have vents that can be closed if needed.

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    Default Re: What protective gear do you wear?

    It is hard to beat a full face respirator. I have used one for about 10+ years. I think it was Jim Katen out in Oregon that got me to using one.

    Scott Patterson, ACI
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