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    Default DFW Inspectors, Open Supra Access

    You can join Grand Prairie Board of Realtors and will never have to call a Realtor again for a CBS code. Open Access to Inspectors. Punch your number in, get key. No more calling the listing agent for a CBS code. Finally the Realtor will have no control over your scheduling of an appointment unless the Realtor and not CSS does the scheduling with the seller.

    All the other boards a furious over their change in Inspector access

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    Default Re: DFW Inspectors, Open Supra Access


    Thanks for the heads up! Any idea what their costs for membership, SUPRA., etc. are? I checked their WEB site and nothing there.

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    Default Re: DFW Inspectors, Open Supra Access

    Well maybe this will cause Collin county board to jump on the band wagon. The polled the realtor members and had about 2/3 in favor of dropping the CBS code requirement for inspectors but the lawyers talked them out of changing due to liability issues.

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    Default Re: DFW Inspectors, Open Supra Access

    I have not checked as of yet but I will. The realtor sounded pleased as punch to tell me. He has been around for 40 years and never undestood the realtor control over inspectors. As far as he is concerned once he gives a referral it is totaly out of his hands and lets the Inspector handle what he should.

    I will tell you this. I don't think many inspectors have any tie to any board. They may have a tie to a bunch of the realtors on a particular board but the board never realy meant anything to any inspector I know. Some do market them but you can still market the realtors.

    I think when this catches on and a thousand full and part time inspectors jump ship and the other boards loose that money I think they will finally change their tune.

    When I firt came here I never got the whole idea about a realtor board having any control over an inspector. It is about time. Thats all I will say about that.

    The realtor says the board has gotten a fantastic amount of complaints about "turning the inspectors loose". Gee, Why is it they feel they needed to be in charge of scheduling and who went to "their properties" We have more credentials and insurance than they do and are state licensed.

    I just never got it at all. I am checking it out next week and if you have not heard yourself I will let you know.

    Just imagine. Walk up to a door after scheduling, punch your number in and away you go. Never a wrong number. Never a time where you cannot get a hold of a Realtor on a weekend.

    My goodness. Free at last What a sorry five year joke since I got here. Honestly I think the Realtors (some of them) will be hanging their heads after loosing that power. Whoa is me. They can get in by themselves

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    Default Re: DFW Inspectors, Open Supra Access

    No CBS would be "way cool". When I was inspecting in the Houston market the HAR did not utilize CBS and it was great. Never heard of any problems ... least of all scheduling issues.

    I had one HI today that took me 3-days to get a reply from the listing agent and that was after 4 v-mails and 3- e-mails and she still only called me when I told my client to get her buyer's agent on the horn with the listing agent ... "all of a sudden" I got a call. BTW - I also put tracking on my e-mails and she didn't read any of them until the listing agent called her.

    This was one that CSS was not booking and had to go through the listing agent.


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