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    Default charging station

    We have all kinds of stuff that always needs recharging. You know, flashlights, cameras and other tools.

    I keep telling myself I need to build some kind of station to keep everything more organized. Have any of you put anything together?

    Please share your ideas?

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    Default Re: charging station

    I have two ultra stinger chargers mounted on the garage wall next to a few shelves. A power strip is on the shelf and has the stinger charger transformers on it, a supra key holder/charger cord and a camera battery charger. I also have a few chargers there for the big 1 and 2 mil spots that I no longer use much. I use the colored electrical tape on each end so that I know which wire goes to which transformer.

    I charge my voice recorder batteries and phone in the house. I have an extra stinger battery in my crawl box and extra camera battery in the car.
    I also keep one of the 12V adapters in the car for the stingers. I can charge my laptop in the car off a 120V invertor that I installed under the seat. I also keep several extra stinger bulbs in the car, extra voice recorders, extra cameras and misc batteries.

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    Default Re: charging station

    I have a power converter in my truck and that runs the lap top, Mag light. Cameras. This system is set up in a box one the floor of the cab in the truck. This systems will require the electrical system in my truck to be replaced about every 3 years at about $ 600.00 each time.

    But it keep things alive.



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    Default Re: charging station

    I charge the flashlights on the garage wall every night and carry backup D-cells to use in an emergency. The camera and tape recorder run off of disposable batteries. I take the laptop inside every night and charge it with the cell phone but have an inverter and adapters in the truck for either so I don't get stranded.

    I'm not the most 'green' guy in the world but do recycle my batteries because of the number I use and because of the damage they do to landfills (or so I've been told). It's amazing how many batteries accumulate in my bucket before I take them in. I also have kids that use a bunch. Costco is a great deal for batteries btw.....

    I can relate to the OP's point. There's just so much electronic 'stuff' these days. I sometimes long for the days a guy could make a living just leaving the house in the morning, working a day (without the cell phone ringing), stop off for a beer at the tavern on the way home (without the cell phone ringing) and head home. Then I remember that all these gadgets make my life easier

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    Default Re: charging station

    JD: Much like BK, I have my flashlights, TIFF 8800, cordless drill, etc. re-charging on a shelf in the garage next to the van. The camera, camcorder, Supra key, digital recorder and phone batteries re-charge upstairs in the office. I re-charge downstairs in the kitchen and the bar.


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