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    Default Re: TRCC replacement - Texas

    Quote Originally Posted by Richard Stanley View Post
    RS: This only represents the provisions designed to continue the new construction inspection oversight in unincorporated areas. It is not the replacement for the TRCC. That, I assure you, is being cooked up even as I write this by the same group who served up the TRCC to begin with.

    The things I see wrong with this bill, that were also a problem to an extent with the TRCC regs, are:

    (1) The authority to inspect appears to have been granted to several entities thereby equating registered engineers, ICC Certificate holders, and TREC inspectors. This is a travesty, to say the least. TREC inspectors do not have what it takes to inspect new construction. Period. Would you want someone who schleps around doing $200 resale inspections and giving away free groceries inspecting your new home? I doubt it.

    (2) The counties must opt in to the process. It is not automatic.

    (3) Instead of having just one corrupt organization in the form of the TRCC to deal with in order to sidestep builder venue shopping we now get to deal with multiple bureaucratic entities in the form of the local AHJs. The TRCC was a choir boy compared with these folks.


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