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    Default Cockroaches on the menu

    OK Just got a call form a local restaurant. They are looking for local business to advertise on there menu.

    Now remember I own a pest control company.

    So I ask the girl. Can we have a photo with this ad on your menu.

    Yes sir she says...

    Very good I say I would like my ad to be like this.

    I would like a photo of a Cockroach then
    If you have Cockroaches in your food call Excellence we can kill them for you

    She is then very quite on the phone for a few.

    I don't think we can have your ad on our dinner menu Sir...




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    Default Re: Cockroaches on the menu

    Sounds like marketing genius...

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    Default Re: Cockroaches on the menu

    Thanks. Best laugh I've had all morning.

    From one motorcycle rider to another:
    The evil mutant squirrel


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