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    Default Not just Florida

    This is pretty much the state of most States. Florida has just done it a little better. I love how States can screw up budgets. Buy more than they can pay for. Build, borrow and hire for the now and have everyone else pay for it later.

    Let a member of the public do this and they will be marked for the next 10 years with a bankruptcy. I know an honest hard working family where one of them lost his job and the wife got cut back in hours. They hung in there for a bit then started falling short on all there bills. Finally lost their home. Went to rent an apartment and could not due to their credit getting screwed up. They had to get a signer to back their rent. The humiliation was and is horrific.

    As I said in the beginning of this. The states, towns, counties and fed can all screw up and their screw up does not mark them. They just tax everyone to make up for it. The private individual does not have that course of action.

    How about Florida's little guys getting a pay reduction and many getting laid off and the upper folks getting 15% more in their pockets.

    What a filthy joke to US citizens. The higher ups in Florida should be jailed. Some people in our gov should be jailed.

    Florida Exodus: Rising Taxes Drive Out Residents - Yahoo! News

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    Default Re: Not just Florida

    "had raised the salaries of his chief of staff and other top lieutenants this year as high as 15%"

    Actually, at least according to the paper up here, one cronies got a *51%* raise.

    He cited this was possible because he had "downsized" his staff, which, according to our paper here, actually meant that he transferred some of his staff to OTHER county jobs, AND MOST AT INCREASED PAY levels.

    However, like most of the politicians in Miami-Dade County, there is nothing wrong with being a crooked liar ... unless you lose your job over it - and that rarely, if ever, happens.

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