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Thread: Today is 9-11

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    Default Today is 9-11

    Let's not forget what today is and those who perished on this day in the air and on the ground.

    Do you remember what you were doing when you learned what was going on?

    I was inspecting an EIFS home for Mr and Mrs Chip Miskelly in Flowood Mississippi. Mrs Miskelly came and found me outside and told me that I needed to come in and see what was happening. One day I will never forget, what I was doing, where I was and who I was with!

    God Bless All!

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    Default Re: Today is 9-11

    Same thing with me, was at inspection doing the garage and the client was not yet there, I heard a truck come up the driveway and the tires screech. The client got out and said the World Trade Centre had a airplane flown into it and America was at war. We all immediately went in to the house and turned on the TV, and were transfixed for a good half hour watching the events unfold.

    I think we were in a state of shock, it was certainly not something you would ever expect to see. I am sure the same thing happened at Pearl Harbour. Terrible and will live infamy.

    God bless all who perished and those who lost love ones.

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    Default Re: Today is 9-11

    I was inspecting the exterior of a POS condo in Highland Park, TX. All of a sudden everybody in the complex came flying out of their front doors talking about the towers . . .

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    Default Re: Today is 9-11

    I was at a B&B in Taos, NM. We were the only guests, so I asked the owners to turn off the TV in the dining area as these was nothing I could do about it. We went hiking.

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    Default Re: Today is 9-11

    I was at the airport doing pre-flight planning for my first solo cross-country flight ... never got off the ground, General Aviation was grounded for I think it was 3 months.

    Never really got back into flying either, by that point so many other things had come up.

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    Default Re: Today is 9-11

    Looking at the News on TV With a cup of coffee... A Live Report pops up and they had not yet understood what was going on. Then the Second plain Hit tower 2. It was Understood. I ran in and Told my Wife.

    All My inspection for that day Were put on hold by that agents.



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    Default Re: Today is 9-11

    I was driving down the road and flipped on the radio and heard Howard Stern and his people talking about the first tower just being hit. I at first thought it was some scam they were pulling, but I could then tell in Howie's voice it was for real.

    I listened all the way to my appt. to do a WDI inspection only. As the lady opened the door she asked if I had heard the news. We walked into her den and I sat with her on her couch and watched all of it as it happened for about 2.5 hrs. I could not get up!


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    Default Re: Today is 9-11

    I was in New York City, working and living in Manhattan, and saw the tragedy of the Twin Towers falling unfolding before my eyes. I could see a lot of black smoke. Then rumors started that a plane had flown into the World Trade Centre. At first we all thought it was an accident, a light aircraft or something, but when I turned on TV and started watching coverage, we were horrified to learn that it was a passenger plane. Before my very eyes another plane crashed into the other tower, it made me go sick to my stomach. Then all the phones went dead. They'd closed some of the bridges and exits to the city were barred fearing further attacks. I was on the roof on 10 Str. with hundreds of others, some people were crying. We had no mobile reception and couldn't get through to my wife. It was a mass exodus from the city, and the sight was a bit like refugees fleeing from war. I am thankful to have been working far enough that I wasn't affected, but others weren't so lucky. This was the day I realized how vulnerable we all are and how we take a lot of things for granted in this life.

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    I was a F-16 fighter wing commander who had 2 of his F-16s escort Air Force One from Fl to La to Ne to DC! By the way got a message about 1 hour after the towers fell - "If it flies and you intercept it and it does not reply - shoot it down!".

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    I was building an addition on a kitchen in Jacksonville Florida.

    I was helping one of my men move something out of the way and brushed up against some old knob and tube wiring and got zapped. The owner came to us at that very moment and told us and we just made it inside when the first tower went down. Kinda like Rick. We all sat there for quite some time watching the mess and then just wrapped everything up and went home.

    Personally I do not need any reminders. It is highly unlikely I could ever forget that. As a matter of fact I have not watched any part of it for the past few years. Over and over and over again certainly does no good for me. I have seen enough death and destruction in life to not keep going over it for ever. I guess to me it is like watching that tree coming at me at 40 miles an hour and crushing my foot over and over again.

    God bless the survivors and families of that and all tragedies. I hope things have gotten a little easier to cope with over the years.


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