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    Dang just got back from the vet to get the little guys stitches out. Around 3:00PM today I put my wifes Harley on the battery charger. One of these new auto charge units. Never like that dang thing. So i just got back went out the GARAGE The Battery was smoking and just about the start Harley on fire. The garage was full of battery acid fumes and oder. That was close.

    That Charger is now in the trash can... Never buy one of the auto charger... They have a little computer in them and the will not let you just charge the batery... The computer set the charge.

    Piece of crap



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    Damn Ron! That's a bummer. I've used a "Battery Tender" auto charger for years and never had a problem. My 05 Wing had a pigtail on it so I didn't need to even remove the battery cover to charge it. This was on a sealed gel cell battery so no water was ever needed. It worked great and keep the battery topped up so it was ready to go when I needed it. There were times that I didn't get to ride for a month or more and the old battery would go flat now and then.

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    Well the question remains - was it the charger, the battery, or was it hooked up incorrectly?

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    Batteries actually produce a lot of hydrogen when they are charging. Ask the people on the Hindenburg about that stuff and fire.

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    There's nothing worse than finally getting the time to go for a good ride & getting the click, click, click from a low battery. I used to make fun of the guys that didn't ride enough to have this happen & now I am one of them, I have determined not to let this happen again, but in the event I fail the battery tender is the next step especially with the HD batteries being 150.00 a pop.

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    I installed a pig tail on my bike but never use it. I have one on my lawn mower for the past 5 years. Haven't bought a battery yet. Well not till I wrote this reply, it will probably crap out. I had a maintainer on my bucket truck because it sits allot. Went out and the battery was dead. Jumped it and run it to charge the battery. Put the maintainer back on same thing next time I went to start it. Jumped the truck and run it. Never put the maintainer back on and the truck fires right up. Maintainer still laying on my bench for I plan to check to see what is happening with it.

    So I am up in the air on these things

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