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    Default Dallas Reunion Arena Roof Demolition

    Check out this video of the roof coming down.

    Watch the cat chipping away at the column. Wasn't supposed to happen as it went.

    It was cool to see though as it came down.


    YouTube - Reunion Arena Roof Demolition

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    Default Re: Dallas Reunion Arena Roof Demolition

    He backs the hoe up then gives it one hard slam there. What a rush!

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    Default Re: Dallas Reunion Arena Roof Demolition

    Interesting that everything collapsed except the pier he was chipping at. You couldn't pay me enough to be that guy.
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    Default Re: Dallas Reunion Arena Roof Demolition

    That is pretty kool! I hope he was wearing a pair of Depends!

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    Default Re: Dallas Reunion Arena Roof Demolition

    The process had been expected to take as long as three days, but the roof wound up coming down about eight hours into the demolition process.

    "Until you know how the structure is going to react, it could have taken longer, or it could have come down like it did," said Martha Welch, senior architect for the city of Dallas, who added that the demolition went as planned.

    The above is a direct quote from the local newspaper. This is typical cover-your-ass, too-stupid-to-understand-the-physics, under-educated engineer speak.


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