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    Default Rehabilation Code?

    Found out today their is a Rehabilation Code in North Carolina (and several other states).

    The basic premise is that old or historic buildings are repaired, repurposed, and renovated. It is often difficult and expensive to make old buildings meet the letter of the current building codes. As a result, much work either goes on unpermitted, uninspected, or does not get done at all due to the expense of upgrading everything in a building to current code. So to encourage renovation of old and historic buildings, the Rehab code was developed in New Jersey around 2000. Since then apparently several other states have adopted versions of the Rehab code for their state.

    The Rehab code defines 6 levels of repair or renovation. Based on the level of renovation, differing amounts of code compliance are required. The INTENT of the current building code is followed rather than the LETTER of the building code. Additionally, the current safety of the building must be maintained such that the building can be made more safe but existing safety features cannot be disabled.

    This sounds like something that could help out many sellers. The seller could make repairs using the Rehab code that do not bring the older home completely up to current building code requirements but moves the house along in the correct direction. There may be certain conditions that might exist in 50+ year old homes that would be extremely difficult to repair. Like the rise and run of the back staircase are too steep to meet current code.

    Limits are set where upon the entire componet or system must be upgraded to current code. If 50% or more of a stair handrail are modified, the entire stairrail for the flight must meet current code.

    Anyone familiar with the Rehab code? Does your state have a Rehab code? Are you familiar with it and help your clients take advantage of its recommendations?

    North Carolina
    The New North Carolina Rehab Code



    Rhode Island
    Rhode Island Rehabilitation Code: Welcome


    New Jersey

    Kansas City
    Kansas City, MO: Kansas City Building and Rehabilitation Code<br> Chapter 18, Code of Ordinances

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    Default Re: Rehabilation Code?

    Sounds like the "IPM", International Property Maintenance code.

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    Default Re: Rehabilation Code?

    Chicago has had a Rehab Code section as part of the regular Code for years. It's actually a very good and important part of the Code. Trying to make old buildings completely comply with new Code isn't always feasible.
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