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    Default Interesting statistics

    End of the year, closing the books, etc. Did the tally of where we got our business in 2009.
    We try to track every job to see where it came from. Going thru our work orders, it seems we are not all that great getting that info, or making it clear. There were a few blanks, and some where the referral is somewhat blurred, such as when someone may be given our name by their Realtor, but also by a previous client.

    I have to say that I did not visit a Real Estate office in 2009 at all.
    Here is what I found for 2009.
    Realtor referrals 54%.
    Previous clients 28%
    Realtor lists 2%
    Previous Sellers 4%
    Yellow pages <1% Total of 5 jobs for $2010
    Web based - ASHI site, web page, internet search etc 5%
    Networking groups 6%

    Now some of these numbers may have been noted as a Realtor referral because they called to schedule, but the client was actually referred by a friend and just had the agent call.
    Some of the P/C's may have been previous clients themselves, or were referred by previous clients.

    It was also interesting to see the list of Realtors that used me a bunch , and then stopped. Some I could remember the inspection where they stopped using me. Others, I remember picking up because they liked my work over the last guy they were using.

    I had several on my list where I did over 10 inspections for them, in this poor market. The leader was 17 inspections, but I have known her for 14 years.

    The yellow pages also surprised me. I know that almost all the "shoppers" come from the yellow pages, and it appears we are not very good at "selling them". Probably the real reason is we are priced too high for them.

    Interesting stats this year. In past years the referrals from Realtors was much lower, and previous clients much higher.

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    Default Re: Interesting statistics

    I stop trying look at that stuff as close as you did... off the top of my head.

    1. Past agents that have moved on and will no longer use me ? a lot...
    2. New agents one time inspection... this was a strong #
    3. Web sites Inspection 60 + This year should be 2 times this with all new sites...
    4. They saw one of my reports... about 20 or more.
    5. no yellow pages.

    One thing I see is the amount of agent that have moved on to other inspectors. This was one of the big shift of last year. So many agent were looking for cover from the economy and did not want hard line inspector around... Nothing new for me in this area... But the shift was bigger this last year then in any other year I can think of.

    No complaints last year of you miss something.

    Numbers from Q-books

    &#37; 50 Termite inspection and termite treatments
    % 35 Home inspection
    % 20 Infrared Imaging Inspection
    % 5 Consultations



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    Default Re: Interesting statistics

    Well, I'm not really THAT anal retentive...well maybe.
    We have a spot on our order form and we always ask where the business came from. So yesterday, i went thru all the order forms and read them off to my wife and we tallied them up. Took about half hour.

    I think I may go back and see how many houses were vacant, and how many were occupied. I have a feeling that a very high percentage were vacant.

    Again, a little too much time on my hands this long weekend. Back to the grind tomorrow.


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