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    Thumbs up Special Request From InspectionNews

    Hi everyone,

    I hope you are all doing well and that you are looking forward to a much improved 2010. I know I am.

    I know last year was not the best for many of you and it was not the best for me either. Due to the economy many advertisers here on InspectionNews pulled WAY back because of their reduced advertising budgets.

    Many of the people that have been members here for a long time know that InspectionNews is supported by your support. Without you VISITING the sponsors and hopefully using their products/services, I would not be able to keep this site running.

    Whether it be a banner or text ad, all I ask is that you click one or more on every visit to InspectionNews. A small price to pay for the information found on this site and to help keep this site running.

    If you speak to or email an advertiser, please mention that you saw their ad on InspectionNews. Please help me to keep this site available for you.

    I would also like to welcome our newest Sponsors:

    To all the members here on InspectionNews, thank you very much for your friendship, help and continued support!

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    Default Re: Special Request From InspectionNews

    Thanks for the reminder Brian, small price to pay for a great board. I check out the advertisers as needed but don't click every visit.
    Thanks Markus
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