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    Default Question about bathroom wall insulation

    Hello, I'm new and was sent to ask the experts a question. Hey i've got a bathroom with 3 interior walls and one exterior wall that is on one full side of a double shower. City inspector Mr.____ tells me that they forbid any vapor barrier. I know from experience hot moist vapor from the shower up against the cold exterior wall is a prelude to trouble. I have removed mold from many tubs and shower walls that were up against an exterior wall. I prefer to cover all the walls in the entire bathroom with poly and then green board. Leaving the fan to evacuate moisure and not the walls. We are in Utah, What do you think.

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    Default Re: Question about bathroom wall insulation

    I think than if you review the cement board installaton instructions, you will find the do not want a vapor barrier. This will govern what he AHJ says

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    Default Re: Question about bathroom wall insulation

    and the code reference is??? where would this vapor barrier go, just wondering how the issue came up... after the jobs done how would anybody know whats inside the wall.
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