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    Default Oven Anti tipping clips

    Can anyone tell me when the oven anti tip clip devices were put into use by the manufactures?

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    Default Re: Oven Anti tipping clips

    According to GE:

    All GE, Hotpoint and RCA free-standing, slide-in and drop-in ranges manufactured since the Fall of 1988 include an anti-tip device. This bracket is essential to the safe operation of the range. It provides protection when excess force or weight is applied to an open oven door. (The bracket is not needed on hi/low ranges).

    The ranges we build meet all current Underwriters Laboratories (UL) safety standards for stability. Anti-tip devices became a UL requirement June 3, 1991.

    Our installation instructions require that ranges so equipped must be installed with the anti-tip device that is supplied with the range. On ranges manufactured October 1989 and later, GE has also placed a warning label on the edge of the open oven door.
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    Default Re: Oven Anti tipping clips



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