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    Default The next New York governor?

    Kristin Davis, aka The Manhattan Madam, has thrown her.......hat in the ring for governor. Is this the future of politics?

    From:"Manhattan Madam" makes it official: She's running for governor

    "I've created jobs and made payroll," said Davis. "I also built a multi-million dollar international business from scratch. This alone makes me more qualified than the career politicians who are seeking the governorship.
    Asked what she thinks of Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo, the likely Democratic Party nominee and Rick Lazio, the likely Republican Party nominee, Davis said that she "looks forward to hearing their ideas and to a vigorous debate."
    Her economic prescription for New York is "P Squared - prostitution and pot." She says that legalization of both, a combed $15 Billion a year industry annualy in New York alone could help bridge the budget gap by taxation alone. "This black market activity is happening anyway," said Davis. "Taxing it is just common sense."

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    Default Re: The next New York governor?

    It may be the future of politics not only on NY but the entire country. I hear it more and more. Not only would it create more taxs there would also be a reduction of court costs, law enforcment, and jail costs. It wouldn't surprise me in the least. I think CA legalized weed for some purposes a few years ago. It seems the only things frowned on now are God, guns, and expressing your political views.


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