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    Default Good deal on Panasonic "Tough Books"

    For those Inspectors looking for a good deal on field laptops this may be a must. These are refurbished but when coupled with a 2year "Squaretrade" warrantee they can be a real boon. I'm sure quantities are limited so if interested you should act quickly. These are from and are limited in capacity but should meet most inspection software needs as well as word processing and internet needs. Hope it's helpful to some.

    Panasonic Toughbook CF-29 Pentium M 738 1.4GHz 512MB 40GB CD 13.3" Touchscreen XP Professional Panasonic CF-29

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    Default Re: Good deal on Panasonic "Tough Books"

    My only beef with those is they weigh a TON. I used the 3.8 pound CF M34 for 8 years and now use a 2.8 pound convertible.


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    Default Re: Good deal on Panasonic "Tough Books"

    Thanks Mitchell,

    I just ordered one. Since it's heavy and comes with a handle, I figure I can pump some iron while I'm walking around with it.

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    Default Re: Good deal on Panasonic "Tough Books"

    Jack up the RAM, put a SSD in one of those, and you would have a pretty slick device.

    Michael Thomas
    Paragon Property Services Inc., Chicago IL


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