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    Dude, that is absolutely awesome!!


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    Pretty cool.

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    I am going to teach you the basic card trick, but I have no idea how he does it with all the handling he does. He also has to mark the cards so he knows when the kings are on top. Try this, you can do it.

    Take the aces, kings, queens, jacks and tens out of the deck.

    Starting with aces lay them side by side, 4 across.

    Next, lay the kings on the aces, then the queens on the kings, then the jacks on the queens and finally the tens. You now have 4 rows of 5 cards stacked.

    Pick up each stack without mixing them. Now the trick part. You can shuffle these but you must overlay the shuffle. That is, no mixing or fanning. Basic overlay type shuffle. You can even ask someone to cut the deck and stack the cut bottom on the top.

    Now deal out a row of five (5) cards left to right. Then start at the left again deal five cards then again and then a fourth time. All the aces, kings, queens, etc should be together.

    Try it. Play with this a few times and you will see that you can add more cards and invent a story. Basically he stacked the entire deck to match his story. But like I said, it is all in the shuffle. What ever he did with all the talk and his hands, he got the kings to the top of the deck. The rest of the story is pre-determined. Notice in his trick he never shows more than 4 cards at a time.

    Have fun.


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