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    Default Mueller Services Inc...

    Hello guys....

    Today I received a call from the Human Resources department of Mueller Services regarding a job becoming a Home Surveyor. I originally applied for a full time position when I discovered the position on their website and today I was told it's now only part time. Anyways I read a little about them that was posted here a few years ago... Just wondering if anyone had anymore news or updates about MS..


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    Default Re: Mueller Services Inc...

    Couldn't tell ya much about Mueller, but you have a great name!!!

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    Default Re: Mueller Services Inc...

    This is a link to a thread on IN about Mueller from a few years ago. They came to IN and started a thread looking for inspectors. They then deleted all of the content, but others had already "quoted" their post.

    It maskes for a good read and might tell you what to expect!

    Scott Patterson, ACI
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    Yes I worked for them for a while, before I went broke and went back to driving cab. Their training is paid but once you get into the field work, you realize there is no way to make more than $6.00 an hour. And they say "average" to keep you thinking it is YOU that needs to be faster somehow, to realize that ammount but it's just not possible. Keep in mind, you are using ALL your own eqipment. YOUR car, YOUR computer and ISP, YOUR camera and all the stuff that makes that part happen (SD cards, batteries, cables etc.) You are wearing out YOUR car, YOUR printer and ink (THAT adds up in a hurry, let me tell you) Then, you are at WALMART in office supplies, because you suddenly need $50 bucks in paperclips and pens and file folders and a shredder. Next you are at Geeksquad because their software crap has hopelessly screwed up your computer. None of which is reembursed by the way. Also, because you are an EMPLOYEE and not an independant contractor, none of those paperclips or weekly ink cartridges are tax deductable. (only a small fraction is deductable and you need an accountant to tell you this) I actually LOST money on this gig. .49 cents a mile covers gas, but not tires, brakes, oil changes and the biggest expense:auto insurance.
    So they have figured out a way to not only get cheap labor, but free office supplies, company vehicles. Very clever. But if you knew what Ins. co. are paying them for the surveys, you will be outraged and quit like I did. Because I saw on my own homeowner's printout from my agent/drinking buddy, MY ins. co paid $125. bucks for an outside survey, the same type one they paid $13.00 to whatever poor sap did it. I was furious and quit.

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    Angry Re: Mueller Services Inc...

    I worked for Mueller Services a few years ago but quit after 3 months. they pay a minumum amt. for each inspection and won't pay car mileage. However, if you want to get mileage, they WILL pay you, but then they subtract it from the inspection fee !

    If they give you inspections more than 100 miles from home, you can re-negotiate the fee, but they won't tell you that voluntarily. You use all your own equipment and must make a detailed floor plan using their software. this is fine if you have a nice square or rectangular house, but if it is one of the high end million dollar plus homes with angles, it is all but impossible to map. After going broke I finally quit.

    I don't recommend working for them unless you live in an urban city on the East Coast. Any place else and you spend your day/ and dollar/ driving all over for no reimbursement.


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