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    Question Temporary or Final Inspection Sticker

    I did a inspection on a 1 year old house that had a Final inspection sticker on the heater and electrical panel that was dated over a year ago. The house was being built by the owner as he lived in it. The house was not finished when I did my inspection but the buyer wanted me to do it any way. The owner said he only needed the plumbing final inspection because the electric and heat / air has been approved already. The electric was not finished with open boxes, over size breakers, covers missing and missing fixtures. The heater had burned replaced parts laying down beside the heater, disconnected float switch in the drip pan. The house was finished except for the appliances, master tub, tile in the shower and kitchen sink. There was no vents for plumbing through the roof but they were stubbed out in the attic. The hall bath was used for the past year and had a slow drain at the tub and sink. Now, what should the buyers expect from the city inspector when he finals out the house? I have never seen a occupant permit posted on a new house. Should there be new stickers on the electric and heater? What say you?..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tony Mount View Post
    Now, what should the buyers expect from the city inspector when he finals out the house?
    The buyers should expect all those systems, and probably all other systems, to fail the inspection.

    In Florida (which I know you are not) the seller would not even be allowed to sell it as the only way they are allowed to act as their own contractor and do their own work is to not offer it for sale or lease within 12 months AFTER completion - and that is not even complete.

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    This is exactly why I don't like inspecting new houses where things are not yet complete. You just don't know what is going to be done after you leave.

    I would just stick to what the buyer asked you to do and let the chips fall where they may after you leave Tony. And be sure to notate in your report what your inspection was limited to per the buyers request.

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    Tony, I find final approval city inspection stickers 2 or 3 times a month on mechanicals that should have NEVER been approved. I have called OKC & Nichols Hills head code enforcement officials more than once, to complain, to no avail. They act completely indifferent about it. I don't trust any of their stickers!

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    I realize this goes far beyond a home inspection. However, these homeowners that do shoddy work and hide behind the inspector tick me off. I have seen similar situations and find out that the homeowner drew a permit for a heavy up only. Then attempted to rewire the house. Here in Maryland I am able to call or go to the county or city permit office and pull copies of all the permits that have been pulled on the property. When I do this quite often I find out that permits were pulled but never had a final inspection. The permit has since expired (1 year) and the seller tries to say that the interim county inspection was all that is required. At that point all I can do is inform my client and let them know that here in Maryland, if they buy the house....they buy the problem.


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