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    Default Bill Mason (1941-2011)

    By Marvin Goldstein posted on the ASHI discussion board.

    Bill Mason, former ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors) member and long time ASHI leader died Sunday (3-6-2011) morning of cancer at the age of 70. Bill was a Phil Monahon award winner and a National Director. In addition to being a Monahon award winner, Bill was a pioneer of a strong ASHI relationship with the Insurance Industry and the father of the Fortified Insurance inspection program for home inspectors. He was also Chapter President of the SW Florida ASHI chapter.

    In a world where people are remembered by their family and friends for their deeds, Bill's family, friends, clients and every ASHI member Bill has helped, thank God for Bill's good example and deeds. Bill worked countless hours for the betterment of the Home Inspection profession. Bill helped thousands of home buyers with thew biggest investment of their life, and made many good friends due to his good work. We can truly say that Bill left the world a better place then he found it, because of his contributions.

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    Default Re: Bill Mason (1941-2011)

    Thanks for post this information about Bill Scott...



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    Default Re: Bill Mason (1941-2011)

    So sorry to hear about Bill.

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    Default Re: Bill Mason (1941-2011)

    I also worked with Bill on insurance issues in Canada,Bill always had the best interests of inspectors in his heart,he will be sadly missed
    My condolences,to Jean and family
    Rest in peace my friend


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