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    Angry Why O Why!

    Lost 2 Tuesday appointments.
    Client calls Friday night, I'm out of town for nephew's wedding rehearsal dinner, I run outside to truck and I still take the call as I normally would at home. Everything is set, time, fee, everything! I always have my laptop with me when I go out of town, so I send follow up email Sat. morning thanking client for business as I always do, telling them again everything we discussed on phone, then stating that I would call them Mon. evening to re-confirm appointment time.

    Then, tonight at 8pm I receive an email from client stating, "I have not heard from you, I was nervous so I called ANOTHER FIRM!"
    I have email tracking software that confirms that sent emails where received and opened by recipient. Received 10:00 am Sat morning Read 12:30pm Sat. by client.

    Why O Why must you lie! Just be Honest and tell me you found a low ball-er inspector and went Cheap! That's my honest opinion anyways.
    What angers me the most is I lost a separate 2nd Inspection earlier today because they needed same Tues. time and it was already booked and that is all that would work for 2nd client.

    Guess I'll be sitting at home Tuesday, Hopefully the phone will ring tomorrow...

    OH, I will be sure to call 2nd client tomorrow and see if I can salvage that one, worth a shot, as Inspections are hard to come by lately

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    Default Re: Why O Why!

    I know things are slow in a lot of areas......BUT........if you really think the person is lying to you, do really want to work with them?

    "It takes a big man to cry. It takes an even bigger man to laugh at that man". - Jack Handey

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    Default Re: Why O Why!

    I know, but it was the only one on the books for next week so far, which always freaks me out if I don't have at least 2 going into the week, I'm optimistic I'll get a call tomorrow or Tuesday to fill up end of week. Around here the Realtors always seem to set time at 3 or 5 days for Inspections, so clients get crazy and in a rush, so you have to jump quick or lose it.
    Just needed to vent i guess...

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    The thing about emails is yes sometimes you can confirm someone opened them but you can't confirm who did the opening. if and when things are slow pick up the phone and do the confirm that way just to re assure them you are coming and see if they got the email. sometimes they do get another cheaper low baller. nuthing you can do about that, but when it is happening too much and things are getting tight then you need to step up your game too. also maybe their kid got the email and opened and deleted it by mistake who knows

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    Relying on e-mail may be the issue. You may need to call client to verify that they received e-mail. If you do not get a confirmation reply in a few hours.
    Have you ever called to verify that someone received a snail mail? Normal for me to make sure that it was received.

    E-mail has to many places to get lost/ not seen.
    Easy to open and close to old mail.
    Mistaken deletion, ect. I often have to go back and resurrect something deleted my mistake, excessive clicking before processor catches up.

    Buying for people is a stressful experience, they will wig out.

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    Default Re: Why O Why!

    Bill is right, lots of things can happen with emails. Perhaps the only consolation in knowing you did all you could. Hope business picks up for you.


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