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    Thumbs up Code History Reference Guide App

    Looking for a new app?

    New Code History Master app helps builders, home inspectors, code officials, real estate agents and home owners!

    Code History Master is the latest app for i-phone, i-touch and i-pad from COA. This amazing new app puts building codes for any age house right at your fingertips. It quickly lets you target age of the house and/or any major system and then any specific component of the home to get to the most common codes relating to the installation. Imagine being in a home built in 1965 and you want to know what the code requirements for electrical outlets spacing was back then. Just dial up the date, click on the electrical icon, then click on outlets and there it is. Fast, simple and concise. Has all the codes all the way back to the first published code in 1927 up through the current ICC code of 2009. No more guessing, just dial and click. The new app can be found on i-Tunes by searching "Code History Master"

    iPhone App

    Printed version

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    And nothing for the droid. A brand new HTC Inspire and I cannot pull it up. I Phone is now a small portion of phones. The droids are taking over the market. The new I phone 4 does not compare to the Inspire as the apps are about the same or can be gotten thru the phone atr any time and the screen is only a little 4 3/8s screen

    Guess I ma going to throw the droid away and get an I Phone.....Not

    I am sure it will come around

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    [QUOTE=Brian Hannigan;165166]Looking for a new app?

    New Code History Master app helps builders, home inspectors, code officials, real estate agents and home owners!

    Sounds sweet! Now just make it for Android. I for one, automatically ignore or delete messages that only address apps for Apple equipment. I dislike any closed system where the manufacturer is so controlling of its purchasing public. You cannot even replace your own battery for Christ sakes!

    If I buy a piece of equipment and the battery needs to be replaced I want the to just just do it, not be required to send it in, pay $100 and then not even get my own equipment back. Sheesh!

    The iWhatever equipment is pretty nice but due to the above, I will never own any.

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