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    Default The state of World affairs.

    I really don't like to post things regarding politics, religion, or anything of that nature. Since we are approaching the anniversary of such a grim day in the history of our country (and culture), I decided to go ahead and share this with all the folks in this forum.

    Regardless of if you are a Democrat, Republican, Independant, or Tea Bagger, we all share a love for this country and believe that our political views are the best for our great nation.

    If you do not love this country (or our culture), go find a better place.

    Think of how different the entire world would be if it were not for the United States, and our brave soldiers that have given their lives to protect us.

    Anyway, this thread is not about me or my opinion, so I will stop now. A friend sent me this link the other day. If is the first time I heard someone speak out as this man does. I wish more folks followed his example. It is a bit lenghty, but extremely interesting and very important. I hope you take the time to listen to what he has to say.

    Click here

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    Default Re: The state of World affairs.

    Wow Steven, very impactful video. Interesting that he referred to the "Sponge Like Spine" that we are exhibiting... he couldn't be more right on the mark. There has been such a change in the interpretation of Patriotism and what is right and what is wrong over the last generation. Those who not only violate Human Liberties but advocate the extremities of it's abuse should not be allowed to be shown the mercy of the very Liberties they abhor. Great post Steven... it really gets you to thinking... What If?

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    Post Re: The state of World affairs.

    Very interesting video, for certain. The speaker makes some very interesting points, and betrays some of his own lack of knowledge on some key subjects. Overall, very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

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    Default Re: The state of World affairs.

    He makes some absolutely great points but the subject matter could have been about so many different issues. His choice of subject was great. The points he made just about speaking out and no longer keeping ones mouth shut was great.

    Folks get irritated with me at times (if you can believe that) but I am a tremendous believer in speaking out if things just are not right. I am not talking about right by whos' standards but but what should be everyone standards.

    I will let it lay there as I could go off for an hour. Way to many things are let go today and is just piled up in the ignorant bliss that "we live in a progressive society so we must just accept change"

    Horse poop is all I will end this with.


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