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    Default 4 die of CO posioning

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    Post Re: 4 die of CO posioning

    Well, since he was a "landlord," I guess that technically makes him a real estate agent. Considering that, it is not a surprise. Unfortunate, indeed. Very unfortunate. His "wad-ya mean, Vern?" photo in the Blade, with his coffee mug and Carhartt cap, says it all.

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    Default Re: 4 die of CO posioning

    The horrendous ignorance on the Landlord and very unfortunately, the tenant woman killed everyone.

    I am very sorry but I have not met such ignorant folks in my 57 years to think it was ok to run a generator inside a home at all with people in it going to sleep. Never mind asleep, just in the home with it running.

    For the woman to never have heard in her entire existence that something like that will kill you and for the Landlord to be such a moronic, ignorant, ass and stupid beyond belief in the year 2011??????????????????????????????????????????

    Personally he should go away for the remainder of his heart beats, without parole.

    A blackboard in front of him, self cleaning when he reaches the bottom and for him to write on the black board am a complete moron and I am in jail because I killed several innocent people because I am a moron. Then possibly beaten once a day for the rest of his heart beats

    No one is that stupid. If someone is then they need to be punished well beyond any boundaries of the law.

    Sorry folks. This is such an extremely sad story. Everyone new the risks, The Moron that did this, did it before. I just cannot think of a punishment for this man that would be harsh enough.

    This is not an "I am sorry for making such a mistake. Please forgive me and go easy on me because I am suffering from losing my friends"

    Do they still have public firing squads or public hangings

    The Moron did not want the generator stolen so he put it inside and took the risk. There should be no law to protect this man. Period

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    Default Re: 4 die of CO posioning

    Ted, someone should go kick his door in and steal his generator first. Then do what you said.

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