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    Default Titletown USA or Philly goes down?

    Sports talk here in NY has Cliff Lee as the goat of the NL divisional series because he couldn't hold a 4-0 lead in game 2 (for the Yankee demise they blame A-Rod, Swisher & Tex).

    The 'Dream team' Eagles are floundering and we hear Andy Reid is to blame; where does your talk show host lay the blame for these 2 under- achievers Nick & John?

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    Default Re: Titletown USA or Philly goes down?

    I won't argue with you on any counts Darren. Phils came up woefully short making this season a straight up failure. And the Eagles..........they just flat out suck.

    There is plenty of blame to go around with the Phils. Cliff Lee for not holding the 4 run lead. The offense for just not showing up. Charlie Manuel making almost no substitutions and letting struggling players continue to struggle because of this loyalty he has to veterans and giving them too much slack with decisions (ie - Howard swinging with a 3-0 count, Utley's base running brain farts).

    The Eagles? Where do you begin? Too many gaffs to count. Reid appointing the o-line coach as the defensive coordinator. Bad decisions in player personnel resulting in a porous offensive line and weak undermanned linebacker corp.

    The Eagles inexplicably took a BIG step back this year.

    The Phillies have been very exciting and had quite a bit of success and a WS title that cannot be denied. But it seems the harder you try to build and compile a team to win, the harder it is for the success to result in a championship. Maybe they just got lazy and expected it to come to them. Whatever it is, they have a nice long off season to reflect.

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    Default Re: Titletown USA or Philly goes down?

    Sports talk show's here Fort Worth / Dallas say.

    Football: The biggest problem with all teams is "No spring training", players no in shape or focused. there are too many stupid mistakes made by millionaires on every team.

    texas rangers; we are soooo glad, in 20/20 hindsight, that lee signed with phillie, we tried really hard to sign him.
    now, we have beltre and napoli beause lee signed with phillie.

    Phillie's big four starters were supposed to shut down the opposition...
    It looks like a slugfest between STL and MIL

    This is the year of the NAPOLI.


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