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    Default First Inspection on a Large Custom House

    My first inspection on a large 7000 sq ft custom house built in 1988. Even though it is not much different than a standard house around here, there were a lot of details to look at which took much more time and energy.

    First off, for some reason codes do not apply in this average subdivision when this and other houses were built. No fence for the inground pool is needed. Decks (no mater how high off the ground) don't need railings. Steps (no mater how many) don't need a hand rail or railing. The town informs the Realtor that it is required but this house plus some newer houses in the area still are not putting them up. I still wrote it up of course.

    Each bedroom had its own bathroom. Two bedrooms had stairs that went up to lofts (steep narrow stairs). 5 furnaces, two stoves, two laundry rooms (one for the house and one for the indoor whirlpool). Two 200 amp electrical panels with two 100 amp axilary panels. Touch pads throughout the house to electrically open windows (Had to push two numbers then look to see what window opened). Had to move the ladder to 5 different locations to walk/inspect the entire roof. Lastly, it had a cooling system that I have never seen. The coils in the furnaces appear to be standard but the condensing units are located in the house. One of the pictures shows the freon R502 going to a compressor, then to a cylinder where it appears the heat gets transferred to water, possibly for the whirlpool.

    Interesting house but not one I cared for when it comes to inspecting. The amusing thing is the seller thought I was going to be there for only a few hours.

    Well, its 8:30 here an I have to get out of here to get to a job, I though I just share a little of this experience with you guys.

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