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    Default Giants - ugh.....

    It was a good Super Bowl and very entertaining and exciting right down to the end. The Giants made the plays they needed to and the Pats didn't. But as an Eagles fan, watching the Giants win the SB was like watching the Eagles lose. I can't say it's as bad but it's just as revolting to watch.

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    Default Re: Giants - ugh.....

    I couldn't decide who to root for. As a kid, growing up in Massachusetts, the NY "Football" Giants, as Howard Cosell used to call them, were my team. Y.A. Tittle, Rosie Grier, Frank Gifford. All those guys. Yes, I'm old.
    But as a Philadelphian, now for 20 years, I just couldn't get that excited about their win.

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    Default Re: Giants - ugh.....


    It's so sad your 'Dream Team' turned into a nightmare (not really); but give the Giants credit; the Cowboys, Atlanta, Green Bay, San Fran and of course the Pats were all cast aside in the quest for a second ring in four years.
    (how may SB rings your guys have?)

    It's sad, people around here (not me) were calling for Tom Coughlins head back in week 15 and now he's a 2 time SB champ.

    to you Eagle & Pat fans, there's always next year!!

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