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    Default Web Host Meltdown

    For the last 4 days I could not access the control panel for my web site. I tried everything I knew to get ahold of the hosting company with no success.
    Today, out of frustration, I did a google search for Jatol (my site host) and, I found a web discussion board about the subject.
    Apparently a bunch of the companies servers are down... no warning, no contact from the company... nothing.
    It's a sequel to the "Mary Celeste" no one on board.
    A lot of people are unhappy because they have lost all their information. No e-mail no site, nothing... for the last 4 days. Some even complain that they had no back ups of their web site.
    Here's a link to the discussion
    Fortunately, I created my pages using MS FrontPage and kept copies of most pages on my hard drive. My site and e-mail are still up but I don't know for how long. According to the discussions on the web hosting talk site, seems like the owners just abandoned the servers and they've been going down as the billing period expires.
    I just contacted the company that makes auto pay from my debit card every month to Jatol, and canceled my account.
    I think I was/am one of the lucky ones because I have backups of my pages. A lot didn't.
    Still have to find a new host and upload all my pages... looking forward to that......

    So... for those of you with a web site..... Do You have Back ups?

    What would you do if your web Host went belly up?
    Just signed up with More space... more traffic .... less money.... go figure.
    Now begins the process of moving my files. Fortunately I had my domain name parked with the original registrar.
    Some folks on Jatol weren't so lucky... they lost everything.

    Again.... Is your Web Site Backed up?

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    Default Re: Web Host Meltdown

    If you need a temporary quick site, try Windows Live. It's a pretty good free site. You can also pay and get a lot more out of it I'm sure.

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    Default Re: Web Host Meltdown

    Thanks Kevin:
    I went over to and got a deal that gives me 8 gig of storage and 250gig of traffic and a static "non shared" IP for a total of $48 per year.

    I was lucky that I had most of my files saved. Some, I'm having to re-build.

    Some people lost a lot of commercial accounts that were hosted by this company.

    Given that it was over a Holiday, people got home tuesday to discover their sites down. It has just begun to hit the fan.

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