We just got back from the day-after-surgery visit with the surgeon (who is a pompous arse). Turns out the only actual tear he saw was a partial tear in my biceps tendon (50%). The torn section had turned into a ball that is called a cyclops lesion. He cut the lesion out, debrided the edges, and shaved down a bone spur to allow more clearance and reduce irritation. And the labrum was fine for the expection of being worn down from years of weightlifting and general use/overuse. The interesting part is my MRI report listed 5 tears of varying degrees and possible labrum damage. One of the tears which was listed in the MRI report as a full thickness tear of the suprasinatus tendon actually turned out to be the cyclops lesion. The long and short seems to be that MRIs are far from exact (I guess this is why people get 2nd opinions). My timeframe for return to work is 4-6 weeks, 8 weeks before i can shoot my bow, and 8-10 weeks for resuming workouts and weights. We couldn't have asked for a better result as I went in expecting full blown rotator cuff repair.

Here are some pics of my innards from the surgery for your viewing pleasure.

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