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    Default Retirement salute

    While waiting for my flight home at the Vegas airport after the ITA/Kaplan show, I happened to look out the window. Two big fire trucks were facing each other with their water cannons up in the air. A Southwest airline pilot was on his last flight, he was retiring. I found out that this is a tradition around the country.

    Just something you don't see everyday.

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    Default Re: Retirement salute


    That is pretty cool.

    I just wonder if the passengers on the plane were aware of what was going on.

    I'd probably been freaking out thinking the plane was on fire or something see all that water coming down on the plane.

    A friend of mine retired from SW airlines, several years ago. He's now in the stump grinding business claiming he's making more money than when he was a pilot.

    I'd rather fly myself.

    Also SW is based out of Dallas here, and I can tell you personally its is a great stock to have in your portfolio.


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