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    Thumbs down Congressional Order of Merit

    I came home from a job yesterday and there was a message on my answering machine:

    "This message is for Brandon Chew. My name is xxxxxxxxx with Congressman Tom Cole, chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee in Washington, DC. We want to recognize you with our highest honor, the Congressional Order of Merit, and I need to speak to you about it as soon as possible. Again, this is xxxxxxx at phone xxxxxxx. Please call me as soon as you get this message."

    Wow! The first image that flashed through my head was that I'd soon be making a trip down to Washington where I'd be given some kind of a medal or a certificate in front of a room full of really important people, all clapping for ME. You know what those people look like. They're the ones that wear those dark suits, have the perpetual tan, never a hair misplaced on their head, and they wear those plastic smiles filled with polished white teeth.

    That image was immediately replaced with this thought. They must have mixed me up with the wrong guy! Maybe they wanted that roller hockey guy out on the west coast....

    For the next 30 seconds or so I rapidly scanned through my entire life history, briefly noting my various achievements along the way. I've racked up a few noteworthy ones here and there. Nothing, by itself, really stands out in my mind of being worthy of a congressional committee's highest honor! But maybe, just maybe, someone knew about ALL of the things I've done in my life and they nominated me......

    "We interrupt this fantasy to bring you this important announcement! If it sounds too good to be true ....."

    Scheeeeeeeech! Wiki "Congressional Order of Merit". Two minutes later.....bubble burst.

    Congressional Order of Merit - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    National Republican Congressional Committee - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I was going to launch into a rant at this point, but when I did a google search on "Congressional Order of Merit" I found this article at the top of a long list of people who have been nominated for this honor. Enjoy!

    Recognition, At Last - The Ornery American

    Image that! Preying on people's vanity to sell them a prestigious-sounding but meaningless credential ... Whodathunkit possible?

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    Default Re: Congressional Order of Merit

    Sounds exciting but I just found a chocolate covered almond stuck in the bottom of a candy box in my desk drawer that I thought was empty.


    Happy Days are here again........


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