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    Default Found A Nice Rolex Today

    Stopped in a place today and ordered my lunch.

    Then I took off to the restroom clean up and their on the counter was one of these Rolex that had the diamonds all over it. The thing weighed more than a triple meat cheese burger. Thing was bling to the max.

    Liberace would have thought it was a bit guady.

    Anyway, I walked out and ask to speak to the manager or who was in charge. This kid comes out of the back room. You know the type, has the rubber grommet in his ear lobe and not a inch of virgin skin on him. He is inked from head to toe. Neck was covered with hickies like he'd been attacked. Not meaning he was a bad guy or anything, but did I want to hand over this watch to him?

    I thought do I want to give this kid the Rolex hoping he'd give it to someone when they came back in looking for it. Would he return it to them or would he just say Nope hadn't seen it. Something just told me to hold onto it for a few minutes.

    I decided that if I had lost such a watch, I'd probably be locking up the brakes on my Mercedes about now and be headed back for the thing. My lunch was arriving about that time so I thought I'd just wait it out and see if someone would come back for it.

    Sure enough, about 10 minutes later this coat and tie dude runs through the door and is in a sprint for the bathroom. He then comes out the door with a look I'd never seen. The guy actually looked green.

    I stood up and held the Rolex in the air and the look on this guys face was priceless. He was so greatful and offered to buy my lunch, but I told him I was just glad to see it returned to whoever actually owned it. Come to find out it had belong to his dad you had passed away. Family heirloom you might say.

    He asked for some of my cards and said he'd make sure I got some referrals out of the deal. That will work for me I told him.

    We'll see. Lunch still cost me 10 bucks.


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    Default Re: Found A Nice Rolex Today

    Remember the saying "no good deed goes unpunished"

    Should have let him buy lunch.

    I've done the same with a bank bag full-o-green from a local "breast bar", look at me now.

    You'd look pretty funky with bling. imo

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    Default Re: Found A Nice Rolex Today

    Good job Rick, If you didn't do it you would never forget. Since you did it you can always remember. Buy a lottery ticket for the day hour and minute when he came back. You will be repaid big time.

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    Default Re: Found A Nice Rolex Today

    Still not as good as the diamond bracelet...

    Now that one had some good zingers with the postings (ask me how I know)

    Atta boy Rick!!

    Hey Fritz, you need to go back there as the home warranty company representative to verify the grounding on the hydrotub, after closing!!!


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    Default Re: Found A Nice Rolex Today

    Good job Rick that was very nice of you.


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