Many of you know that I have installed burglar alarms since 1986.
Every year around this time I see an increase in Break in's, Burglaries, and Robberies.
You can greatly reduce your chances of being a victim by doing a few simple things.
Thieves are opportunistic and look for easy targets.
Remove tools from your truck except when on a job.
When shopping, be aware of your surroundings. Look around.
Shopping with friends or family is much safer than shopping alone.
Don't have more than a $40 in cash on you, but do carry some cash.
Most likely times to be a victim of robbery is while shopping or getting gas.
Most likely persons to become a victim are those that are alone, and/or appear weak, small, or defenseless (women, older or frail people) (remember, to a man in his 20's, many of us appear older).
Most burglars enter through the front door.
A $2 door stop works better than a $60 deadbolt.
If you have an alarm system, use it.
Don't gives burglars a place to hide, trim those bushes near the house.
Close and lock the garage door.
DON"T advertise you are going out of town.
Thieves read internet forums looking for targets.