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    Thumbs up Please Report Bad Posts On InspectionNews

    I posted much of this as a reply to another post but I think it needs to me a topic of it's own.

    I just wanted to mention that much of this forum's direction, both good and bad, is in the hands of those who read, and those who post. It is a member driven forum as I am in no position to read and moderate every post.

    I want to encourage everyone to click on either the red triangle icon to the lower left of every post or the REPORT POST text that is on the upper right of every post on the blue bar next to the post number.

    The more individuals who report a post and the frequency that the post is reported will contribute greatly to how quickly it will be addressed and/or deleted.

    It is much easier for me to address concerns when they happen rather than something that has been going on for weeks. The last thing I want to do is read 300 individual post in a thread and try to determine when and where it started to go bad and who the bad guys are.

    The most common issue on the site is personal attacks. If you feel the urge to make things personal, which always degrades the thread topic, send them a PM, an email, call them, contact them however you want but DO NOT post it on InspectionNews. And if someone does post it, I need EVERYONE to report it. If I know that many people object to something it will most likely be deleted quickly. If I am deleting the same persons posts often, most likely I will delete their account.

    It is all of you who have made InspectionNews such a great place to share information and I ask your help to keep it that way.

    Report what needs to be the time it happens and if you have a personal conflict with someone, communicate with them off of InspectionNews.

    InspectionNews is a great home for all of us, but we need to take out the trash to keep our home clean.

    Thank you all!

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    Default Re: Please Report Bad Posts On InspectionNews

    Thanks Brian,

    It is a shame that we need a playground monitor.

    Department of Redundancy Department


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