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    Default Full moon, April 1 or Halloween?

    Received a call for an inspection

    Caller: Are you a Republican, Democrat or Libertarian?

    Me: I don’t see what my political affiliation has to do with inspecting.

    But I thought to myself I’ll play along.

    Me: What are you?

    Caller: Republican

    Me: That’s great I have special Republican pricing!

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    Default Re: Full moon, April 1 or Halloween?

    anybody but Hillary. Google it.

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    Default Re: Full moon, April 1 or Halloween?

    You might have something there. I had two wacky calls today. Unfortunately about the only calls I received, but the first guy wants to know if we inspect brick ties on new construction.

    Me: Sure if we are doing a phase inspection etc. Are you having a home built.

    Caller: No, I just know all these Mexicans are putting these brick walls up with no ties and I know that most of them are illegal. Can you do anything about this.

    Me: Uh I am afraid you have the wrong number. I suggest calling your local building department.

    Then the next call the guy starts off by saying.

    Caller: Do you have a separate contract?

    Me: Separate from what?

    Caller: The realtors have contracts and I need to know if you have a separate contract.

    Me: Why do you want to know?

    Caller: I am buying a house and need a home inspector. Can you fax me a copy of the contract.

    Me: Sure why not. Do you have any other questions, such as my experience or price?

    Caller: No I just need to look at the contract.

    I don't know if I want to work for someone that is more concerned about the contract than anything else. Just something in the air today I suppose.

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