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    Lightbulb Where are you from?

    Hello folks,

    Well, we have all migrated over to the new board and by and large the transition seems to have been pretty painless. Brian, thanks for the board and the upgrades you have done.

    I started this thread to ask that everyone take the time to click under the "USER CP" (located under the Inspection News banner) and then update their physical location. It's certainly much easier for the masses of inspectors all around the country to assist with any information that might be of help if the general geographical conditions of your area could be taken into consideration. Some of the considerations to take into account, such as; cold vs hot climates (North/ South), high velocity wind areas (coastal areas), soil conditions-- such as heavy clay areas of the south, heavy snow load areas are just a few when trying to respond to a posting.

    This might seem like a small thing, but it does help the other posters to make a more educated guess as to what might be going on with a particullar issue.

    By the way Brian... I especially like the attachment feature that allows the posting of .pdf files.


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    Default Re: Where are you from?

    Bump, Bump, Bump, Bump, Bump

    Getting the idea????

    Please fill out your location. I would really help everyone who tries to answer your questions and answerers the question of everyone who just reads your question.


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