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    Default Search Engine Usage

    The most bang for the buck...

    Rank Search Engine Volume

    1. Google 65.98%
    2. 20.88%
    3. 5.33%
    4. Search Engine - Better Web Search 4.14%

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    Default Re: Search Engine Usage


    It's nice to see you post something that is not association (of any brand-name) related.

    I appreciate the numbers you've taken the time to post. Good, usable information is always welcome. Thanks...


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    Default Re: Search Engine Usage

    With business being slow I've spent a lot time over the last few months really thinking about where to spend money advertising. Advertising for industries like ours is at a funny point. The yellow pages are becoming obselete and a lot is going to online stuff.

    So, the question becomes where to spend your dollars?

    That's good info on the search engines.... and about what I would have suspected. Thanks!

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    No surprises in thoss numbers. Google is the 800 pound gorilla of internet search engines.

    Even though my search engine rankings in Google and Yahoo are as good as they can get, I wanted to try and diversify my advertising for this year in an effort to gain more local business. I decided to try a Yellow Page ad with display for about $90 per month for the book I am in. The book printed and distributed in November and I don't think I've gotten one inquiry from it yet.

    Every area is different. Trial and error is what it takes.

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    The web is great, but don't put all your money into it alone. Their is just too many sites and most all look the same and have the same content.

    "Use me for peace of mind" "Your home is your biggest investment" I belong to this group, I'm a nice guy....Yadda yadda yadda......

    I've learn the best way to get buyers is contacting sellers.

    If they are selling, they are buying somewhere else. I send out a letter to a certain areas that I farm for work. It has worked very successfully for me.

    Sellers call me to have a pre-inspection quite often, and I'll do one for them and on the home they wind up buying down the road.

    If your not contacting sellers in your direct area, your missing out future business.


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