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    Default Article: Your Pre-Inspection Agreement - Dispute Resolution

    Hi, InspectionNews Readers!

    This year, we've decided to do a series on the various aspects of pre-inspection agreements. Hopefully, you can glean something from the following article to help protect yourself from possible claims.



    The following relates an inspection claim that was resolved with a dispute resolution provision. To protect the insured's identity, all identifiable characteristics have been omitted or removed.

    "The inspection completed was not only deficient, but negligent. Specifically, the following items were present at the time of inspection and not reported:

    "1. Major omission of gutters that do not collect water and force water down the rock wall that is outside of the home's dining room.

    "2. Major omission of the obvious damage that has been caused to the above mentioned rock wall that includes mortared joints that are worn to the point that they allow great amounts of water to enter the wall and have destroyed the wood sheathing behind the rocks, allowed destruction of the insulation, suspected mold growth on the inside of the drywall and wood framing,destruction of the 3/4 inch wood flooring, complete rotting of the subfloor and major visible organic substance growth. This omission came on a day when it rained during the inspection.

    "3. Major omission of the damage to two doors that lead to the crawlspace.

    "4. Major omission of the damage caused by a leaking shower drain.

    "5. Additionally, there is no mention of the fact that the brick veneer was constructed without weep holes to allow any moisture that may get behind the brick a path to escape."

    One of our home inspectors received that laundry list just six months after he performed an inspection. The claimant, who prepared his letter with quotes from the ASHI Standard of Practice and pictures taken during and after the inspection, alleged that it would cost $25,000 to repair the property's issues and that the inspector should cover the cost. Using this example, we will breakdown dispute resolution methods.


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