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    Default Huntington Beach Shooting

    Evidently, a Southern California home inspector was shot & killed because an heir did not want to sell the home and move. As of the latest that I have been able to find out, the inspector's name has not been released.

    While this type of thing is extremely unlikely, we are occasionally put into uncomfortable situations as a part of a home sale. It's bad enough that we accept hazards like falling off of roofs, being electrocuted, coming into contact with hazardous/toxic chemicals, etc. But, to have to dodge bullets? Not ok.

    Be careful out there.

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    Default Re: Huntington Beach Shooting

    I saw this on a Facebook thread. Very sad, how unstable people can escalate a situation to horrific ends.

    Ive had a carry permit for years. While I usually kept it locked in the car, if I was inspecting in a questionable part of the County, I would carry it on me.
    I had a very scary situation happen when a renter (that had been friendly and followed me around all morning), suddenly became irate, about his malfunctioning heat pump (something I noted as soon as I saw it and tried to get it to work), and insisted I was not only going to pay for a repair, but was going to put his family in a hotel.
    I got into my car to leave and he was threatening me (verbally). I grabbed my gun and had it in my lap, just in case. His wife suddenly came out of the house screaming and distracted him, so I quickly backed away and drove off. There was a lot more going on, but I was lucky to get out of there.
    He never saw my gun, and likely had no idea I had one.

    I hate this happened to an innocent guy just trying to do his job.

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    Default Re: Huntington Beach Shooting

    This was tragic. Something no inspector ever thinks about when leaving their home in the morning.

    RIP Mike.

    Michael Alderson, 66, of Anaheim, died after he was taken to a hospital along with the other shooting victims. All three were shot as they approached the home in the 4500 block of Operetta Drive just before 11 a.m. that morning.
    The violence was believed to be the result ?of a family dispute pertaining to the upcoming sale of the residence,? Huntington Beach police Capt. Tim Martin said on Saturday.

    Please help Mike's family with a contribution.

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    Default Re: Huntington Beach Shooting

    Very, very sad event.
    I can't count how many succession inspection I have done. Many a time a family member residing in the home realizes a move maybe inevitable.
    My hearth felt condolences to immediate family and friends.

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