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    Default You Might Be A Red Neck If ... or ... Sanford and Son

    (actually, my Dad's place - and just part of it)

    And he is not a "red neck".

    He's actually gotten rid of a lot of his stuff ... believe it or not.

    He only has 4 of those old electric mail cars, used to have 8 of them.

    Anyone want an old airplane fuselage? He was, still thinks he might (he's 78 now) make it into an unusual motor home (hey, at least he got rid of the two old Oldsmobile Tornado cars he was going to use the front wheel drives and engines from them).

    Or maybe make a motor home out of that old Highway Post Office from the USPS.

    Or ...

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    Default Re: You Might Be A Red Neck If ... or ... Sanford and Son

    Any Banjos, canoes, archery equipment? I am planning a weekend canoe trip with some buddies.....Sue eeeeee.....


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