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    Default Garage Railway

    This has to be the most awesome garage I've seen to date.

    Could'nt open the garage door; couldn't operate the opener or even find the GFCI outlet, but the 600 square foot wall-to-wall diorama was the most detailed I've ever seen.

    Hope there's a long lead until closing, because the homeowner will need every minute he can get for disassembly.


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    Default Re: Garage Railway

    You have to admire the attention to detail and accuracy to realism.

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    Default Re: Garage Railway

    Bet that person thought they would NEVER sell.


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    Default Re: Garage Railway

    We have a PC customer that has that same set up in his garage.

    It has been sitting just like that for the last 15yrs. I have been servicing his home.

    He worked for the electric company here and was a avid train collector and then came down with MS and became crippled up very quickly.

    His wife leaves it up as hope that he'll improve one day and be able to return to his hobby.

    In the meantime, it has collected about a inch of dust all over it.



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