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    Here's an indication of how much time I have on my hands:

    Seems like we haven't heard from Aaron Miller in a while, so I looked around on the site and started noticing that where for the rest of us, it says "Member" under our names when we post, for Aaron it says "Senior Member". Whats that?
    And why would Aaron be a Senior Member and not, oh, I don't know, Jerry Peck?

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    Do not have an answer for you but I was wondering this week where old Arron has gone myself. I used to enjoy his posts. Maybe he put in Senior member when he signed up. Sounds like something he would do. Hope he is well.

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    Toes in the sand. Hanging on a beach some place thinking of us.
    Thats my bet.



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    You can bet ole Aaron is busy right now. The Dallas market has been great. Best June I have ever had.



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