Charles Darwin and His 8 Rules for Home Inspectors
To summarize Darwin's Theory of Evolution regarding Home Inspectors:

1. Mental Disorders: Most home inspectors suffer from CSD (Compulsively Seeking Defects)

2. Physical Attributes: Good balance, keen eyesight, poor hearing, and bad backs.

3. Personality Attributes: High awareness, organized and competitive.

4. Personality Traits: Gadget lovers, verbose, endless search for the perfect report format.

5. Genetics: Home Inspectors pass genetic traits on to their offspring. (See rule 1)

6. Myth busters: “You’re not going to find a thing wrong with this perfect house!”

7. Offspring: The offspring of home inspectors invariably gravitate to another trade or profession.

8. Darwin’s Theory on the Natural Selection of the Species: Home Inspectors during slow real estate markets are the most likely to reproduce. (However, see rule 5)

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