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    Default What a wife! or TMI

    Could you make love to your husband every day for a year? | Mail Online

    This may have been do-able in days gone by

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    Default Re: What a wife! or TMI

    Let's see. My wife and I have sex for every home inspection I do. That would be between 4 and 9 inspection per week.

    For you guys that can do three home inspections a day , have fun.

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    Default Re: What a wife! or TMI

    Viva Viagra (or one of the other products in the 20 or > spam emails I get in my business mail everyday from people with names from some eastern block countries).

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    Default Re: What a wife! or TMI

    My wife is going to be having a birthday on the 29 of this month. Forget about the jewelry.

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    Default Re: What a wife! or TMI


    I like the ole girls idea...

    Everyday for a year. Yeap... that's certainly something that the gossip group would want to collude against.

    Think of the ramifications for them...
    • No mo bitchy roll-overs without first a good application KY and having to kick-off dem britches.
    • Makes ya wantta moundt'er from b-hind, grab er by the waist with one hand and throw the other up in the air and yell, "Damn your sister was good last night too!" -- then try and hang on for 8 seconds or til the buzzer rings.
    • Hell, if a woman wanted to tribble up on that wager and say, '3x/ diem'-- I got no problemo with that either.-- I'd just solicit the part-time anctice of a midget, a monkey and an Indian belly dancer.
    Truth be told, it's one thing for a woman to say that she will (everyday for a year) but it's a whole different story getting them to follow through without some form of bribery involved. Then, once they see through your redneck plan to incoroporate more orafices into the plan, they (the she-male) determines that this has somewhere gone awray (probably when the midget and monkey got in volved).

    As far as the article, I'm considering writing to her to see if the ole boy is keeping up his end of the bargain. If now, she may need a pinch-hitter. Sounds like just one person helping another out.

    Speaking of that... I did this home on Friday that was for sale by owner. The buyers had me call and set up the apporintmtne for the inspection. Nauturally the sellers were all going to be home. I was polite and tried to be as least intrusive as possible. I went into the master bathroom and then across the hall to the hall bathroom. Upon completing the hall bathroom, I came back to the master bedorom to fininsh that room. I then open the closet door and low and behold is the very firmy planted christian lady completely topless while dressing in her closet.

    This wasn't no trollup or pole-grinder i just gawked at, it was a mid 40's lady that was very nice and semi attractive. Well, what I did was turned my head down toward the floor and profusely apologized to this woman for the intrusion (even though I was suppose to be there). I then went to the husbands office and notified him of his wifes well rounded protrubances, which appeared to have not aged at all. I then told him that I was sorry for having had the distinct pleasure for seeing his wifes breastestes longer and up closer than he has in an apparent quite some.

    I then dediced to go check the roof and attic...that'll make you loose your train of thoiught, huH?

    Richard Rushing, HCRI

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    Default Re: What a wife! or TMI

    Quote Originally Posted by Kevin Luce View Post
    For you guys that can do three home inspections a day
    Now you tell me, who's the whore? Tell 'em Kev...

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    Default Re: What a wife! or TMI


    I've wondered where you have been. I see your doing fine.


    Viva Viagra

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