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    Default wet -rated weatherproof outlet boxes

    Outdoor outlets that are in daily use rain or shine , let say for malibu yard lights, should have the wet-rated weatherproff boxe covers--plastic cover. I guess this is someting the home Inspector should be watching out for.,

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    Default Re: wet -rated weatherproof outlet boxes

    I think Malibu yard lights require a fire proof cover also. HAHA

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    Default Re: wet -rated weatherproof outlet boxes


    ALL outdoor receptacle outlets require those bubble type covers, whether or not they are in use.

    There are a few exceptions, those receptacle outlets back far enough or high enough so as no wind driven drain will get to them.

    Many AHJ use 45 degrees from the overhang (rain blowing at 45 degrees), others use 'if it is lower than the ceiling' (we've all seen nearly horizontal rain), others use 'whatever', i.e., whatever standard they want to apply.

    I was in one area where, if there was a dropped down header of 18" (or however much it dropped down) the receptacles could be that high or higher and be allowed to use the old flip cover type covers, based on the 'horizontal rain' reasoning. That is the one I subscribe to.

    If the ceiling is flat to the edge, only those in the ceiling don't need the bubble type covers, if there is a drop down header, only those that close to the ceiling and higher don't need the bubble type covers.

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