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    Default To Joseph Burkeson

    You have been making some comments recently that I'd like to respond to while staying within the guidelines of this forum.

    In the recent years I have made significant effort to promote education and quality inspections. I have tried to encourage others to be the best that they can in our field. I have worked at encouraging inspectors to use these forums for the betterment of themselves as well as the rest of us.

    However, in the last couple of years since you began to post on these forums you have thwarted such efforts. No doubt you have strong opinions but they go beyond that in your posts. They attack and they denounce others who believe differently than you do.

    In the last couple of days you have discouraged the exceeding of industry standards of practice. I cannot ever remember hearing any inspector say such a thing. It is widely accepted in our industry that SOPs are a starting point in the road to becoming a professional inspector. You are a relative newcomer to home inspections and somehow have missed this concept.

    I see a correlation between your minimalistic view and the conditions I find in my inspections. Much of what I find is due to someone performing as little as they could get away with in the construction of a home. People get burned because someone else did minimum work.

    Joe I believe that you are a detriment to our industry. You don't believe in what so many of us try to promote and your overwhelming anger runs counter to what many see as forward thinking efforts. You poison the tone of the majority of threads that you comment on and therefore side track any positive discussions that can be benefited from. Don't get me wrong. I'm not asking you to change your ways or even to go away - I really wouldn't expect such a thing to happen.

    But I do hope that you can muster a bit of an open mind to these comments. I know that accepting opposing opinions does not seen to be one of your strengths. In any event, this will be my last acknowledgment of you Joe on this forum or any other. And as I suspect, that'll be just fine with you.

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    Default Re: To Joseph Burkeson


    I am in total agreement with you however Joe does get to voice his opinion. Most of us know why Joe is posting here more often than not. At some point he will cross the line here and be ask to move on.


    Rick Bunzel

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    Default Re: To Joseph Burkeson

    Wow Joe,

    Deemed a Rookie & Then Defended by a NAHI Member what's Harvey gonna Say?

    No rebuttal?

    (the following is a Public service announcement from all my " ilk " .)

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    Default Re: To Joseph Burkeson

    Quote Originally Posted by Eric Barker View Post
    But I do hope that you can muster a bit of an open mind to these comments.

    I don't think that is going to happen too soon, and as far as me going away...Fahgettaboudit.

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    Default Re: To Joseph Burkeson

    Joe will be able to add "Florida licensed home inspector" to that list in the near future - maybe. When is the drop dead date??


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