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Thread: Housing Bill

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    Unhappy Re: Housing Bill

    It might help a bit but looking at the number of foreclosures, (see Free Custom Foreclosures Search -- Foreclosures By Email -- ),
    this really seems like a "drop in the bucket".

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    Default Re: Housing Bill

    It's mostly a feel good, "look we fixed the problem" bill by politicians in an election year.

    It's a least a partial bailout of lenders who got stupid.

    Unfortunately, it removes some of the risk for lenders (and their investors) associated with lending money to those who would not normally qualify.

    And guess who gets to pay for it.

    You, me and all taxpayers.

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    Default Re: Housing Bill

    Here is something I almost never do... Agree with Larson.

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    Default Re: Housing Bill

    The next time I catch my son with his hand in the cookie jar, I'm going to reward him with a box of Oreos.

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    Default Re: Housing Bill

    Yes this might bring more work and put money in our pocket, but it will also take money out of our pocket to pay for all the greed that created the mess!!!

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    Default Re: Housing Bill

    It's too bad the politicians and bankers forgot to read the book on the S&L bailout in the late '70's and early '80's. It might have helped prevent the debacle we're in now.


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